Eco Builders

People often think that green building has to look radically different from other buildings, but in reality there needn't be any aesthetic differences at all. A green building is simply any building that makes efficient use of energy and water, with minimal negative impact on the environment.

We build eco-friendly quality homes in a way that is responsible not only to our customers, but also to our environment. With rising construction and energy costs as well as a growing sense of responsibility towards our environment, a new approach to designing and managing efficient buildings has become essential.

Our low carbon footprint and thermally efficient structures look no different to brick houses. The difference lies in their superior acoustic and thermal values. Our eco-building process creates homes that are free of mould, damp and spore. And all of these benefits won't cost you a cent more ! In many cases our green construction process is twice as fast and costs some 20 - 30% less than conventional building costs.

Our eco-building construction process will save you energy, save you money and provide you with a healthier home to live in. Contribute significantly towards your future by investing in an energy conscious and thermally efficient home today.

Sandbag Construction

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Wire Frame Construction

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Interlocking Block Construction

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